Rohit Sharma deserves to be in the Test squad

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‘Rohit Sharma doesn’t deserve a spot in the Playing XI because he has not proven himself whenever he was given an opportunity.’ You’ll hear this statement quite frequently by those who justify Rohit Sharma’s exclusion from Team India’s Test Playing XI. We understand the reason behind the scrutiny of his performance because there were people who doubted the mettle of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli during their poor phases.

But here’s the interesting part. Rohit Sharma is not going through a rough patch. In the last 15 innings that Rohit has played, he has a commendable average of 60.40 which includes the one match that he played in the Australia Tour in 2018.

And this makes us wonder – Why is Rohit Sharma not in the Playing XI?

Captain Virat Kohli stated that he preferred Hanuma Vihari over Rohit because he wants a player who can bowl too. Hanuma Vihari comes in handy because he can bat and bowl as well. Now that’s a fair argument because it is always useful to have an extra bowler. But how many overs did Hanuma Vihari get to bowl in the first test match? 2 Overs! And this doesn’t go with what Virat previously mentioned as to what he had in his mind.

The next question that arrives is – ‘Why remove Ajinkya Rahane or KL Rahul when they are playing well?’ Well, because we believe having a player who has a better form in the recent past. Recent form can be judged by the recent average score. In last 15 innings, these are the averages 1) Rohit Sharma – 60.40, 2) Ajinkya Rahane – 36.47, 3) KL Rahul – 26.29. (data before the first WI vs IND match)

Rohit Sharma is backed by Gautam Gambhir, Sunil Gavaskar and others who expressed resentment after he was dropped. Rohit Sharma performs well under pressure and he scored 5 centuries in the World Cup 2019. He will be very useful for India in the Test Championship.

Last but not the least, as observed in IPL, Nidahas Trophy, Asia Cup, Rohit Sharma is a tactful captain. He can give good suggestions to the captain if India is in need of wickets. So we, along with a billion Indians, hope that Rohit Sharma is seen in the test team soon.

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