India topping the world test championship table

World test championship! Yes this new tournament undertaken by ICC has or at least has promised to take test cricket to another level of excitement and amazement, its just like the elongated version of world cup and T20 trophy in which the finals between the top 2 teams will be played in June of 2021. Talking about the Indian team and the successful pink-ball Day night test match whose credits I would like to give to our Dada Sourav Ganguly and his unfazed effort to make it a grand event of sorts, which added an icing to the cake to the already intriguing test cricket competition. What a delight and what a time it is to be an Indian fan as India has already set the tone for the competition by winning all the 7 games they have played since the inception of the tournament and also by acing the test championship table after garnering a total of 360 points which is well ahead of second placed Australia’s 116 points tally at the moment.

The Indian team looked so confident and enthralled right from the start of the tournament as they pretty easily dominated South Africa last month and now Bangladesh. But captain Kohli showed no signs of complacency in the post-match interview after winning the historic test match and there’s no reason in being so as there is another big series to be won against heavyweights New-Zealand in foreign conditions which will be played in January. In the end it will all boil down to the final game, and many cricketing experts have already predicted that India will qualify for the Final game which is to be played in 2021.

Well Kohli’s recklessness shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, as it has become a second nature to him and the Indian fans and as we all know that he my’s well lead India to the final and even end up winning the all-new championship title at the iconic Lords Cricket Ground in 2021. But only time will tell who wins the trophy as this are just the initial stages for Kohli and co.

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