Ind vs NZ T20 series review – India’s aggressive stance leads to NZ’s demolition, Rohit and Rahul make merry of the conditions

Hello fellas! How’s it going we are back again with another article on Ind vs NZ. Boy! I know if you are a Indian fan then you are already excite for whats coming ahead, an exhilarating and absorbing T20 series to start with, and a result like 5-0 was never thought by me and any other Indian fan by any stretch of imagination! A complete white-wash over the Kiwis! Well let’s just not go by the number and ranks, NZ really gave the Indians a run for their money in the last 3 T20I, we all know how marginal those matches were, it could have easily gone either ways! But that is what we expect when two T20 giants meet each other, to be honest the victories in 2nd and 3rd T20I were completely unimaginable and unbelievable, the NZ had the victory in the palm of their hands but somehow managed to let it slip from their hands by succumbing and creating unwanted pressure on themselves in the last over.

Shreyas Iyer capped-off the first game with a humongous six over long-on
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Talking about the first 2 T20’s, India were quite clinical in their performances and won the game with complete conviction and dominance, although they were very much high-scoring games as well, but the young batting line-up and NZ’s tailor-made conditions were completely exploited by the Indian batsman, as they made a mockery of a 200 run target, by chasing it with 5 balls remaining! Not to mention the classic efforts of Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer of-course! Go watch the highlights if you want to see some real clean striking! While chasing a platry target in the 2nd T20I was quit a cake-walk for India as Rohit, Rahul and Iyer again dominated the proceedings.

Kane Williamson scored 95 of 48 balls and almost chased down the target and looked infallible, but he was caught of the bouncer of Shami when he tried to pull one, instead just getting a knick through to the keeper
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While in the 3rd and 4th T20, it was India who batted first and NZ looked to easily chase down a below-par target, and they were well on their way to doing so and in fact in the last over it looked damn obvious that NZ will take the match home easily especially after the Marvellous ininngs from Kane and Seifertbut it’s T20 after-all! and it doesn’t ceases to surprise us, in the 3rd match it was Mohd. Shami who held his nerve and ended Williamson’s brilliant innings of 95 runs with just 3 balls to spare, and Shami ensured that he gave just 2 runs away in the last 3 balls to level the scorers, the super-over eventually took place as Ross Taylor mistimed and dragged one onto his stumps while playing the glory shot and as we know NZ’s track record with the super-over is not good at all! they have won just once in the super-over in the past. In the end NZ scored 17 runs in the super-over while batting first (a valiant effort), but again in the end it was the “hit-man’s” brilliancy along with KL Rahul with the bat that won us the match in the very last ball when he smacked the ball out of the park of Tim Southee’s bowling when 4 runs were required.

Tim Southee took the captaincy duties in the 4th T20I, in the end Kohli won the captain vs captain battle in the superover
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In the 4th T20, it was the same story again, but if you ask me on a personal level it was even more unbelievable to me then the 3rd T20I, as a team like NZ can’t be committing the same mistake again! I mean even the plot was the same! It was quite laughable in the end! but this time tremendous valour was shown by Shardul Thakur, as he defended 9 runs in the last over even after being smacked for a boundary on the second ball, it all seemed to be done and dusted again for the Indians as just 3 runs were required from 4 balls, but a mistimed shot from the set batsman was all it took to turn the tables around for the second time in the series. The last ball was faced by Mitchell Santner, but all he managed to do so was to get just a single run, while 2 runs were required for victory, he eventually got run-out when he tried to go for the glory run, NZ’s super-over scare had come to haunt them again in the end as it is happening to them since the 2019 WC Final. NZ managed to score 13 runs in the super-over (batting first), but it always looked like an easy chase for Indians, as this time the batsman were Kohli and Rahul, Rahul faced the first cherry and perished after scoring 10 runs of the first 3 balls, but the damage was already done, Kohli just had to put the cap on the proceedings and he used his guile and tenacity to do so and he ended the match with his stylish pull-shot with a boundary.

Rohit Sharma 60 (41) being taken off the field after the pain got the better of him he ended his inning retired hurt

In the 5th and last T20, Kohli were rested and his deputy Rohit Sharma was given the captaincy duties and the new players got their chance to showcase themselves, this also tested India’s bench-strength along-with giving exposure and chance to the young-guns. This time too India batted first for the 3rd consecutive time in the entire T20 series, and they managed to put up a score of 163 runs after a tricky middle-over phase, thanks to the finishing touches given by Manish Pandey and Rohit’s half-century (Retired hurt) and Rahul’s 44 runs. For NZ with the bat it was Tim Seifert again with his brilliant half-century, and the Veteran Ross Taylor smacking the ball out of the park whenever it came in his hitting arc, both of them notched up Half-centuries, but this time the game didn’t go till the last ball, as their batting started deviating from the target after the 15th over, they looked like they would cruise towards the target with ease, but no one seemed to go after the Indian attack after Seifert’s wicket which was taken by Navdeep Saini, but except Taylor, after all he alone couldn’t hold his nerve as he nicked one through to the keeper of Bumrah’s Bowling when 30 runs were still required, NZ started cutting corners ,it was all but over for the Kiwis, NZ did play their full quota of 20 overs and Ish Sodhi did smack 2 big sixes in the last over of Shardul’s bowling, but they never seemed like getting there, the whole of the second innings was captained by Kl Rahul (stand-in) replacing Rohit Sharma as he suffered a calf injury while batting in the first innings you could literally see him limping, for that reason he has also been ruled-out of the upcoming ODI series.

KL Rahul played the second-fiddle to Rohit Sharma as a stand in skipper from behind the stumps
Image credits – The Quint

So guys, that was our short coverage on the recently concluded T20 series, we definitely hope that you will have enjoyed reading it as much as our team has enjoyed bringing the stuff in front of you. Indian team will look to carry forward the same form in the ODI Series and perform in the same manner as they did in the shorter format, and win the ODI and test trophy to further their victory count. Until next time it’s your host Parth Minawala signing-off on behalf of the Cookie way team.

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